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The two that you need to worry about most are camber and toe.
Toe is easy to adjust on any Honda. Camber on the other hand
is not. You need to purchase a camber kit for the front and one
for the rear to be able to adjust your camber. Here is a pic that
may help:

This give a nice explanation as well:

Looking at your before and after for the toe adjustment, it looks like
they fixed the drift. But since your camber is still the same, you will
still experience the tire wear that is not consistent. You are in spec,
but your front left is not wearing the inside of the tire at all. The other
three, especially the rears, are wearing the inside of the tire much faster.
The bad toe on the front right is wearing out your tire funny as well.

Hope this helps.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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