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I'm dedicating this thread to log my journey of Mods and Care for my E. I will add as many photos and specifics as possible. Any other thread that I got my how too's from or were instrumental in helping me along will get a post linking back here to build in those threads. This will mainly be for my own record keeping of sorts, but thanks for looking and feel free to add any input!

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Honda element Honda

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Honda Steering wheel

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Trunk Van

66336 Miles - E Purchased 4.28.2011 - 2nd Owner
Previous Dealer Service before purchase;
Oil change, Coolant Flush n fill, new wiper refills.

Mods & Accessories
-OEM Roof Rack (Original dealer installed)
-OEM Mudflaps (Original dealer installed)
-Paint Protection (Original dealer installed)
-Recall 2007-2008 Element, Odyssey VSA Modulator - Fixed (so says VIN check)
-Firestone Destination LE tires, stock size - purchased with.
-Element Trunk Space Cover
-Removed front license plate holder
-Joll 'E' Roger Floor Mat
-HD Grill Guard -4.30.11/66k

Maintenance and Care
-Added bottle of Gumout to dealers full tank, had it laying around to help clean a 99 Civic we ended up selling. Figure it can't hurt.
-Cabin Air Filter Change -4.30.11/66k
-Bottom driver side plastic bumper crack fixed -4.30.11/66k

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Cabin Air Filter Change

EWWWW! the previous owners must have never done this one, or had a thing for Wookies. Air smells so much better now. This Purolator one has less folds than the OEM and was $18, but I really didn't want to take the time to shop around after seeing it. Thanks to RamblerDan for the how to photos!

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HD Grill Guard Mod

I loved the fact that I did this the first weekend of ownership. Set my mind on the right course about future plans and fixed a problem with the bumper that could have gotten worse.

$8 in supplies from Home Depot, have left over zips and paint now too! In hind sight, I would not chose this paint again. 5 coats and still scratches off very easy. Should have clear coated also. I can always do it over :x
Green Tire Spray Wood stain

Before, can already see some damage has been done.
Automotive exterior Bumper Grille Vehicle Car

Nose cover removed. Lost nor Broke any clips, used paint can lid tool idea from the original thread. Great tool! Also pleased to see no signs of front end collision!
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Grille Bumper

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HD Grill Guard Mod Cont.

Here is the inside of bumper with 5 zip ties... zipped. I chose to do 3 on bottom and 2 top, alternating. I did the bottom first and got them all to line up great. Oops, should have done the tops first since you see those more often. Tops did not line up as great and look kind of wide and oblong from the front. Guess I am doing this again in the future.

Yes, the tails were cut and the excess gutter guard was trimmed and folded in towards the front to catch any rogue stones and it made it look better. Sorry, no photos on the trim . The guard could have fit perfectly fine between the two bumper posts.
Automotive exterior Motor vehicle Bumper Grille Vehicle

Oh great! look what I found, A massive crack running the inside and bottom of the plastic! Fantastic!
Bumper Automotive exterior Auto part

Automotive exterior Metal

I can't really tell if the previous owner ran up a curb, or it is a factory defect since the vertical length of the crack is only on the inside and shows no sign of wear on the outside.

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HD Grill Guard Mod Cont.

Good thing the old 4runner is not for sale yet. Ran back up to Home Depot and picked up a $4 tube of JB Weld Kwik Pastik. Lucked out with the two clip holes. They held the two side together perfect. Cured for an hour and it feels very sturdy.
Tire Synthetic rubber Tree Automotive tire Auto part

Automotive exterior Bumper Vehicle Vehicle door Trunk

OH NO RUST! While the JB cured I gave these bumper mounting brackets a light sanding, alcohol rub down and 3 heavy coats of the BBQ paint. Only spot of rust I've seen yet. It was on all three bars (center not pictured). Has anyone else dealt with this? what did you use to fix? I'm thinking a re-do with some sort of 3M tape might be in order if this paint doesn't hold up.
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HD Grill Guard Mod Cont.

Alright! lets put it back together! Nuts! I dropped a clip down the side of the radiator and it landed in a bottom support beam. Thank god for skinny, helpful girlfriends!
Motor vehicle Tire Automotive tire Vehicle Auto part

Over View
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Bumper Automotive exterior

^Notice I did not leave the JB white, hit it with the bbq paint and wiped off the excess. Not perfect, but I'll work on cleaning it up more later. I was feeling pretty sun burnt at that point!

Close up
Automotive exterior Bumper Grille Auto part Vehicle

Big thanks to all those before me that carved the path to do this!

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E-Shen's Side Marker Turn Signals

Thanks for the compliments and encouragement so far everyone!

I did the most popular side marker mod today. Had to go to 5 different stores to piece together the parts. Didn't find what I wanted, mainly adhesive lined shrink tube, but settled for the below.

Top splice 5 pack = $4
Butt connectors with solder insides 3 pack = $3
3" black zip ties 100 pack =$2.50
3' 18g black wire @ .35c per foot = $1.05
Electrical tape & wire cutter= Already had.

Time= 1hr, including finally meeting my Neighbor with another 06 NBP E. Tried to turn him onto the EOC, we'll see if he drops by. :030:

This was my first time doing something like this but E-Shen's original thread was soooo helpful that I felt pretty confident.


Here is a basic pic of the driverside headlight turn signal wires connected.
Auto part Wire Fuel line Tire Automotive fuel system

Here is everything wrapped up tight. I also wrapped each 1.5' connecting wires in electrical tape since I threaded it through two holes. I chose those holes because they were easy to get to and visible to check up on, and show off my work. Alas, those holes aren't visible in these photos.
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E-Shen's Side Marker Turn Signals cont.

Here is the basic wiring set up on the side marker wires. Do not use a lighter to get this solder to melt. I didn't think it would but gave it a shot anyway. I hope I don't regret it. I closed the lone black wire with some electrical tape and a zip tie.
Wire Cable Windshield Fuel line Automotive exterior

Here we are all wrapped up. I did much cleaner jobs in my opinion on the other side, but this still works!
Hood Automotive exterior Auto part Windshield Automotive window part

I forgot who initially posted this most helpful image, but it deserves to get posted one more time.
Text Diagram Line Parallel Auto part

I will confirm, Both lights flash at the same time when headlights are off. When headlights are on they flash alternately. YEAH I did it!!! :-D

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Holy Door Stop

Picked up the Factory Service Manual $30 Shipped from ebay. This thing is a whopper compared to the Haynes I'm used too. Only thing I think its missing was a recommended mileage maintenance and service interval chart. The whole Maintenance minder system may have replaced that unfortunately. Anyone have any weigh in?

this is an image gallery right?
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Seat Back Bungees

So here is this weekends mod edition.
23' 1/4"od Bungee from REI @ $.25/ft = $.27

Yeah, so the girl only charged me for one foot plus tax and it went on my left over dividend.... most of there stuff is over priced so I don't feel guilty. West Marina wanted to charge $.99/ft.

I choose 1/4" bungee because I thought it just be all around better. But, the seat loops get real tight after the 2nd and especially the 3rd pass through and it is VERY hard to find decent cord locks to fit. biggest at REI was 3/16" I believe. Zip tied the ends.

I did learn that the front seat has 3 vertical loops while the back has 4 vertical loops because there is no bottom pocket.
Car seat Chair Vehicle

Vehicle Car Car seat cover Automotive exterior Honda element

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LED Conversion - Round 1

Here's the line up for Round 1 of my LED conversions. No real reason why I'm doing these first, just kind of struck my eye and made the most sense at the time. All purchased from with REMG 5% coupon code. It really only made USPS FCM free to ship. 3 days from MO to GA.

Planning to use this for the third stop light. Got this instead of the 7440 in hopes of increasing brightness and testing it in other locations.

Amber lamps! Clear side markers are on the way. The actual SMD looks half the size of the others.

Magenta Material property Transparency

Both for main dome lights, Cool White.

Blue for the map lights. I use a phone GPS, not maps :grin: lets add color!

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