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Sluggish ignition/E won't start

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My E is often very sluggish when I start it up. Every couple of weeks it won't start at all. It sounds like the battery is low and can't quite crank over. I can wait a couple minutes, try it again and then it'll start up fine. I had a mechanic check it out and they told me that it was the battery. I replaced the battery and then a couple months later the problem started up again. Any thoughts?
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it sounds like you could also have a problem with the alternator. If your new battery is dying this soon. It may not be putting out a full charge. Have your mechanic check your alternator.
I've been having a similar problem...Check this thread
The mechanic did check the alternator when I brought it in before as well as the starter.
It's entirely possible that the alternator is intermittent. I had this issue with my girlfriend's Mustang. The battery kept going dead for no apparent reason. Every time I checked the alternator, it was putting out ~105 amps and the running voltage was 14.2. We took the car grocery shopping and I noted that as she was driving, the dash lights suddenly went dim and the volt gauge on the dash plummeted. I had my digital multimeter with me, so I pulled a voltage reading from the cigarette lighter.... 10.2v and dropping.

Replaced the Alternator and the problem hasn't recurred.
Check the obvious stuff first. Clean and tighten the battery terminals. Clean and re-bond the ground connection on the opposite end of the battery terminal. By re-bond, I mean remove the cable and use sandpaper or a wire brush to clean the connection. Make sure it's nice clean bare metal. If that doesn't fix it, it pretty much narrows it down to the alternator.
Last winter I started having a sluggish start in the morning. If I let it set for a minute and tried again sometimes it would kick over and sometimes it wouldn't. I would continue to try until it kicked over- eventually it would kick over.

Warm weather came and problem went away until a month ago. same thing started happening except it would happen during they day as well.

Finally wouldn't start at all.
Took it to Goodyear and they diagnosed bad starter.
Word to the wise, they put 2 Aftermarket starters in that did not work well so they ended up using OEM Starter
Final Bill 650.00
....Word to the wise, they put 2 Aftermarket starters in that did not work well so they ended up using OEM Starter....
Unfortunately you're not the first to say that the rebuilt starters are typically junk. Others have found out the same way that you did, drop the coin for an OEM and it's all good.
its the starter....have the OEM rebuilt. i just put in a new starter yesterday for the same problem.
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