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Sounds like loose change.....

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In driving with the windows closed I've never noticed the sound that the intake makes when accelerating from a dead stop.....I hope is normal but yesterday when I drove by a drive thru (love the english language :roll:...)...I noticed a sound similar to the sound of loose change...but I bet no one would notice it unless they're next to a building and with the window rolled down....
I have a 5 speed and wonder if is the way the gears are set up....or maybe was the VTEC engaging.... :roll:

Well with that I ask if anyone has experienced a similar situation.....thanks....... I know tonite when I get home I will ask the wife to give it gas and I will look and see if anything is loose inside guys have got me paranoid with all the little things that the Element seem to have been plagued such as rattles that wont go away.... :cry:
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Sorry guys, appears that when the dealer was showing me the engine just before I picked it up....he never put the arm into the clip, therefore it was loose and rattling inside the engine bay....all better sorry for the waste of a post..... :roll:
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