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2003 AWD here. 86,000 miles of normal driving.
Engine starts and idles fine. Noticed a little lack of power starting from lights and going uphills. Especially noticable with the A/C on.

The spark plug replcmnt interval is 110,000 but I decided to change em out anyway.....easy job.

Went with Autolite XP5224 Iridiums @ $6.79 ea. Parts person mentioned they would be similar to the NGK's at about half the price.

The original NGK's (model IR) all had a rusty look to them and the center electrode looked worn.

Anyway, the Element runs like new now with the original smoothness and snap. I would reccomend these plugs as well as the "early" replacement.
Dont forget a little anti-sieze on the threads. The originals squeaked on the way out.
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