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2 Fridays ago, I installed a newly rebuilt 5 speed tranny in my 2004 LX, due to broken ring gear, while still only having 55,000 miles....Got a good deal, no biggie....But when testing new trans on rack to make sure all gears were good, I heard a SNAP, when first letting off clutch in 1st gear, but tranny worked perfectly...CEL on, running crappy, rev-limiter of 4,000 RPMs, tracked problem to broken speed sensor, unplugged sensor, taped up connector, zip-tied to sensor so no damage occurred...2 days later got up with trans guy, he had another one-free of charge, installed, that day, Monday, had to shim the sensor to stick out more, because it was hitting something in trans, didn't want to break freebie, everything worked great, my V-tec was back, speedo worked, all good...Last Friday, CEL came back on, checked sensor, removed shim to see if something was wrong, checked in drive way with engine off, rolled back in neutral, using parking brake...Sensor snapped, there went my freebie, now I am in sam situation as before, what am I doing wrong with this sensor and installing???????
Also, no speedo reading, gas gauge crazy and miles not counting...This is a BIG problem, I don't drive when not necessary....

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