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I have a squeaky clutch at 70K miles on my 05 EX 2WD. In addition to the squeaking (which is not very loud but can be heard in the cabin if things are quiet) there’s a little bit of clicking type noises. But, I’m not sure those are new and there are linkages involved. I’m not sure if the clicking is anything to worry about. Sometimes, like 10% of the time, when the pedal is released there is another sound that’s more like a whooping sound.

The clutch and transmission are working fine. However, the motion of the pedal is a little off. My wife says it feels like it’s catching a little on the release. I can’t duplicate it, but don’t doubt it.

The level in the clutch reservoir is fine. In fact, I bled it about 10K miles ago. The fluid looks a little darker than I think it should after just 10K miles. The brake fluid is clearer than the clutch after the same mileage. Does anyone else think this is strange?

I located the noise to the area of the slave cylinder. I had my wife depress the pedal while I touched the slave cylinder. There was a slight high frequency vibration in the slave cylinder housing that corresponded with the squeak. I pulled the boot back and applied some CRC Synthetic High Temp Brake Grease to the slave cylinder rod which was crystal clean (I didn’t want to make the trip and pay the $15 for the urea grease P/N 087898-9002 that Honda recommends). I don’t know if it was lubed or not. I had gloves one while dealing with that CRC stuff. However, it did not solve the problem.

The whooping sound is not coming from the slave cylinder. I would guess it’s coming from the firewall. That , of course, is consistent with the master cylinder but I have not heard it from there for sure.

Question #1. Is it even worth asking the local dealer (whom I haven’t seen since I bought the car because I do all my own maintenance) if there is any chance that my ’05 could be covered by TSB 02-002?

Question #2. What would you guys/gals do next? Because I feel a vibration in the slave cylinder I’m inclined to try to replace it or do a bench rebuild. I’m not excited about the bench rebuild because the cylinder rod was crystal clean, but I could be persuaded to try it before replacement. It could be the master cylinder. I suppose the vibration I’m feeling at the slave could be originating at the master. I’ll go check that after I post this.

From post 20147 1fastvx wrote, “Is a long creaking noise if you push the clutch in slowly? Nine times out of ten I would say the clutch fork need some grease where the slave cylinder contacts it. Right where the diagram says B-23-20 You can see the area in the pic I posted. Its not a uncommon thing on a Honda. Though if they dont pull the slave cylinder it is tough to get the grease in there good. If you are mechanically inclined at all you might consider checking to see if there is grease there or not. Its not hard o lube it up.” I’ll also try this immediately after I post.

In researching the issue, I’ve run across the following:
TSB 02-002, note that I have a 2005. Any chance that the field rep would cover this?
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