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Hi there!

Back in December 2014, I took my Element in for the airbag recall, and they took care of it (this covered all of the recall notices to date).

In early 2016, the SRS/Airbag light went off. The dealer said it didn't have anything to do with the recall. The dealer's diagnosis showed a "15-3 Fault Code" and something about the Occupant Position Detection System (OPDS) system being out of whack. They quoted me $237 for parts and $157 for labor (or vice versa, I don't recall) for a total of $391 plus tax.

I didn't have them do the work that day, and after a couple weeks, the airbag light turned off.

A few months ago, the lights turned back on. A few questions:

1. If the light is on, does it mean the airbag will not activate at all in the event of a collision? Or knowing that there's an OPDS issue, is it just the passenger airbag that will not deploy?

2. Is the estimate of $391 for this repair work reasonable?

Despite having 195,000+ miles on the Element, I would like to have an airbag that works 8)

Thanks for the insight!
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