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Okay....hubby and I were out and about of our tasks was taking a E full of donations to Goodwill (we Spring Cleaned yesterday and used the one year rule....if you haven't used it or worn it for one year than it is history) we pull into the Goodwill at 7575 Olive Blvd....and there sits a beautiful, fully loaded Silver Satin!!! It has about every possible extra.....air deflectors on the front, back, and windows, roof rack, side steps, roof rack, chrome exhaust.....I mean my husband and I were just staring in awe at the fully loaded was beautiful! I was looking at it and drooling....I felt like I was a kid in a candy store with no money on me!

I was going to write down this website and stick it on the windshield, but I was afraid that I would set off a car alarm or something!

If you happen to be the owner...I was just want to say.....Your E sure is pretty!!!! :lol: :shock: :lol: :shock:
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