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Stainless steel grill photos

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Here's a few photos of my SOP E with the grill and rear painted spoiler . Ed
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I ordered mine from
The are the distributor in the Vancouver area BC Canada and seem very professional to deal with. They are local for me but through conversations they have shipped quite a few to the US without any problems. This may be an option for those of you that feel they were not treated fairly.
I'd ask for Stacey as she is familiar with the "E" getting a tour of mine...and she has been very helpful.

It's a nice grill and the product shouldn't be knocked because a retailer.

Hope this helps.
[quote:ff93423e05="burnt-O"]Newfnut, I checked out that site, but I didn't see any prices.[/quote:ff93423e05]

I Know they don't have prices marked on their website but you can optain their contact info from the site. They are primarily a wholesaler of aftermarket accessories and that is why they don't post their prices. I dealt with them in person as I live close to that area....
However, if you email Stacey and/or call they will quote you their prices. I don't have an exact $ for you because I'm not sure of the US exchange rate and shipping costs.

Good luck to you! Keep us posted.

I am sure curious as to what their price to the US is
[quote:4a17eec09b="E-Devil"]I went with Newfnut's suggestion and purchased from . I am paying 125.85 CDN or $96.68 US w/ shipping to the east coast. I went with the silver, no plug and license plate option. The person I spoke with was Stacey. You can email them at [email protected] or call them 800-663-5356. The delivery is going to take a couple of weeks. But I think it is the cheapest I have seen. They also won't bill until they ship. Novel concept :wink: They take credit cards... so bye-bye PayPal.

FYI: They don't take orders online.[/quote:4a17eec09b]

E-dEvil, I'm glad my suggestion helped. I wasn't sure of the cost south of the boarder but you can't complain about that. It's nice when someone can make purchasing something a pleasant experience!

Now that's customer service!

1 - 3 of 49 Posts
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