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Stainless steel grill photos

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Here's a few photos of my SOP E with the grill and rear painted spoiler . Ed
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You can also order the Cloud Rider grill screens directly from the manufacturer:
Might be safer.
Hey Purtill
I love the spoiler. Is it made by Honda and you painted it? How does it come before painting? Mine looks naked now without one.
I just ordered the Cloud Rider black screen without the hole. $111 US dollars shipped to the US, assuming an exchange rate of approximately 0.741345. Apparently Cloud Rider will sell directly if you are in the US.
You can run the wire through the hole to connect electricity to your block heater so your engine does not break into pieces when the temperature gets cold as a titches wit. I have never needed one so far in California.
1 - 3 of 49 Posts
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