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Starter Issue

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Well at 105k, my starter finally failed on my 2003.
I had to get it towed to a Good Year/Pep Boys Auto Center. I know I know. Due to lack of tools, time and mechanic skills. I figured it was better than the dealer.
After 2 mornings there and 2 faulty starters plus $450, they still can't figure it out. It makes a weird noise when starting, but once its on its fine.

Is it possible that they are mounting it wrong or could it seriously be 2 faulty starters?
I'm driving it now but it just sounds horrible when it starts.

They are ordering me another new one and I have to gop back and have it installed in a few days.

Any help?
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Starter Issues

Does anyone have any advice? I have a technician that has already began replacing it and now says he needs to replace the flex plate (due to a loud noise when it starts, after he replaced the starter)...HELP! I am beginning to think he is in over his head...has anyone else had this problem. It all began when it wouldn't start and we had replaced the battery. He says he tested the starter and it was definitely bad. :|
More problems!!!

The car was not making these issues before he replaced the would just not start. Now he is telling me he has to replace the torque converter (which is $660!!!!!!!!) This puts me in the hole over $1k! :x I am helpless because he has my car taken apart and I am not there to see it, even if I was he is the mechanic not me. I am so upset about this...please help!
torque converter

The reason he says he has to replace the torque converter is because the ring gear is welded to the torque converter. He cannot just replace the ring gear, according to the tech. He claims this is worn down due to excessively trying to start the car when the starter was going bad...there are no underlying issues I am leaving out I promise!:-(

I did call him today to ask him to put the car back together with the new starter and we would come by to pick it up Monday. I am ready to wash my hands of this car. I have loved my Element, but I can not afford $1k in repairs. :?
not convinced

So how exactly does this piece get damaged? Is it true that the ring gear can be damaged due to a faulty or dead starter?

I appreciate all the advice and I plan to let you all know the outcome. I plan to ask him for the old starter, hopefully he stills has it. All of the responses I have gotten make lots of sense. Thanks again!!
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