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Starter Issue

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Well at 105k, my starter finally failed on my 2003.
I had to get it towed to a Good Year/Pep Boys Auto Center. I know I know. Due to lack of tools, time and mechanic skills. I figured it was better than the dealer.
After 2 mornings there and 2 faulty starters plus $450, they still can't figure it out. It makes a weird noise when starting, but once its on its fine.

Is it possible that they are mounting it wrong or could it seriously be 2 faulty starters?
I'm driving it now but it just sounds horrible when it starts.

They are ordering me another new one and I have to gop back and have it installed in a few days.

Any help?
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They may be ordering the wrong starter as the Manual one is different then the auto one. Its best to get one from the dealership unless they know for sure that they got the right one and it will sound just like you describe.
It does sound like they were giving you the wrong starter. The cheap rebuilders don't really care about rebuilding it correctly.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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