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[quote:983e97ae52=" "]Note that the 2003-2004 service manual states that all of the Honda cars with the Immobilizer system will take an extra second or two to start vs. non-equipped models due to the processing done during engagement of the starter to unlock the fuel pump from the locked state.

And yes, the battery is small too. :)

It may take longer in the cold.


I'm wondering if we can do the following... Turn the key over to the "I" or the "II" position and leave it there for a few seconds beofre turning it to the "III" start position? Would this unlock the immbolizer system and allow for a faster start?
I'm in Toronto and with the minus 30 to minu 40 Celcius weather my elmenet has started. It took a few seconds longer and makes a high pitch noise the first 30seconds or so after start up until the rev's drop to normal, but it starts!
The clutch works well in the cold and except for getting into second the gears work well in extreme cold.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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