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Steering Wheel Button Reassignment?

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Hi eoc folks
longtime lurker (best bud had an 06 ex so we worked on some mods together) and now I have an e of my own (09 ex awd)

here's my wonder: anyone know how to make steering wheel button reassignments?

My e has vol up/dwn as a rocker switch. Above that is a 'next track/channel' button and below is a mode button. I want to try and reconfigure the mode button as a 'prev track/channel' like the opposing top button.

Any ideas?
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I'D imagine it's only a matter of switching the wires between those buttons, but here's my question, why? :confused:
The top button is track forward. The bottom is MODE. There is no track backward. Quite strange. That's what I'm trying to mitigate.
if you were working with an aftermarket radio you could program it to do whatever function you wanted but with a factory radio you are limited to the functions that honda wants you to be able to control, no programming options
Brother, I've wondered the same thing many times. It doesn't make any sense why they would have the Mode option so easily accessible, but not the previous track function.

I can honestly say that I've never used the Mode button, except by accident.

Welcome to the land of E, by the way (It's like a three standing on it's head!)
hahahah indeed, bro.
Plus, an excellent place in which to read Finit-e...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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