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Steering wheel controls for Pioneer

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I have a Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD and want to add steering wheel control on to it, I miss the heck out of it. Questions:

1: I know I am going with PAC, but which one is best and do I have to use the resistor mod?

2: Can I wire the buttons to do other functions then what is on the steering wheel?

3: I plan to switch to another Pionerr H/U next year, are all Pioneer Wired Remote inputs the same?

I have been out of the audio install life for a while, I used to do it as a job, but its been 10 years and have not kept up to date on the equiptment. I kniw Yoda will chime in, lol, Help O' master!

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why it just so happens that i have a few swi-ps's in my garage. :) you can program the thing to do what ever functions you want it to do on the list of functions that it controls. it depends what pioneer radio you are going to be putting later in but if it is capatable then they all work the same and yes it works with the one you have now..


Thanks Bud, how much would you want for one of those shipped to 44077. The instructions seem very simple. I mainly want my volume back because of the small as hell knob on my pioneer. Thanks for chiming in, I knew you would come through.
pm'd :)
since yoda has a couple, and has prolly installed a few in his day, might not have a fraction of the difficulty i did.. but it took me about an hour to program my SWI-JACK for my kenwood. im sure its the same software, and programing process.. but good lord.

the programing instructions wern't clear enough for me.. it was down to a trail and error process. anyways.. good luck. lol
yeah it tests patience a little bit but well worth it wouldnt you say? :)
well, im not completely satisfied.

it works, but mine has a delay. its not as fast as the OEM radio. i don't know if its the interface communicating, but each button action i have to press long than i did with the OEM radio.

for instance, the OEM radio was really snappy. you just had to tap the button and the action was completed. the PAC interface, you have to hold the button down longer, and sometimes wait between track jumps.

im OK with it.. but not TRILLED.

its working, so my install has to be correct. so i can't see it getting any better.
what functions are you refering to it controlling? like on the one i have the functions work great with an old ipod mini that i keep in the glovebox for a "changer" since the click wheel no longer works, but if i hook my new ipod touch up to the same cable that is connected to the pioneer d1 it takes forever to change track and folder on it. the rest of the functions work great like the radio channel seek and cd, etc. more of a communication issue with the ipod than the SWC
its not ipod related.

all button functions. so when i press "MODE" it toggles between all sources.. radio, CD, DVD, IPOD, AUX, GPS menu... its basically my menu button. it laggs.

also, volume. in any mode. DVD, Radio, IPOD.. the volume control is laggy. you have to hold it for a 1/2 second before it registers. where the OEM radio was very responsive and snappy.

im not saying its not working, it does, but you kinda have to finesse it. lol
that is strange. maybe it is because of the radio and not just the interface. i have one in my sc and mrs yoda has one (with the swi-can as well) in her 07 gti and they both work beautifully. we both have pioneer nav units though so the UI might be a little different on the kenwood
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