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Hey, what's up guys.. I'm new to this forum, but not new to Hondas. I'm a Honda technician. Been a tech for almost ten years now. Anyway, I have an 04 EX, and I notice when I listen to some music with heavy breakdowns or heavy on/off parts of the music, there is a fading in/out with the volume. Almost sounds like there needs to be a capacitor inline with the power for the stereo... but then again, I'm not a stereo guy. I've looked in the factory manuals and have found nothing so far.
Am I the only person who has noticed this? This doesn't only happen in my car. I was doing a 30K service on a customer car, so I went and got the same CD from my car and tried it in theirs... same ****!
So then I was questioning the recording itself on the CD and tried it in my 95 Accord... sounds great. No fading.

Here's the song in question, if you're curious...

It's not relative to the song, though. If I listened to rap or country, it would still be present I think.

Mike K.
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