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Pioneer has the best looking ipod interface...

I just installed the Pioneer AVIC 700bt in my 05 Element last month.

I was in the same boat as you, did not wanted to spend alot of money but wanted my ipod and Navigation all in one. Looked all over and tested every unit out there.

This video is not mine but it was on you tube and shows you what the interface looks like.

The one in the video is the AVIC 90bt but i got the AVIC 700 BT which looks and does everything the same the only difference is the 90 bt places real DVDs the 700bt plays Movies from your ipod though. I mostly download movies and put them on my ipod anyways so it worked out better, plus the 700bt is ALOT cheaper then the 90bt.

this unit has it all, blue tooth for your phone, hands free, press the button and say what song to play, navigation..

Check out this thread, has pics and everything you need to install. It was really simple to install it, took me 25 mins. You just have to order everything.
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