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I think this amp would actually fit inplace of the stock one with very little modification, the dimensions seem pretty close from what I remember when I pulled the factory amp out to look at it. This is a great idea. I checked out the website for Rainbow and from what I see the only US distributer is This is a great idea for a factory replacement, WOW a good clean 70 x 4 + 1 x 200 rms. I'll try to get a price on this amp

The only 5 channel amp on the market I know of is made by a reputable German company called Rainbow who is better known for their high quality speakers...

I'm not 100% sure it would really fit because I don't know the exact size of the factory amp but the Rainbow MPA 5.480 P IQ 5 channel amplifier is the smallest 280 watt RMS (480 peak) amp I know of at 7" wide x 6.3" deep x 1.8" thick.

I don't know the cost but you can get company info here:

You can see specs on the MPA 5.480 here:

And here's a picture:
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