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A speaker is only as good as the amp running it, even the best chef (the subwoofer) cant make chicken salad out of chicken sh*t (the stock amp thats pushing a max of 40 watts to that sub) , if your going to put an aftermarket sub in there you need to power it accordingly; it is really bad for the speaker/sub to be underpowered. You might run into some problems as well if you try to put a single voice coil on the amp that is set up for a dvc, and you might also run into problems wiring a dvc aftermarket to that amp cuz your either going to have to wire it in series or parallel. In series your going to have more resistance which will cause less power to be pulled from the amp and in parallel your going ot lower the resistance which might end up frying your amp depending on the what OHM the voice coils are...
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