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Last night after a dinner at the local Ruby Tuesdays, we noticed that the local classic car club was holding their usual Saturday night Antique/Hot Rod car show in the vast parking lot adjacent to Ruby's. So we hopped in our 2 day old E and cruised throught the lot gazing at all the old cars (T-Birds, Stangs, Vettes, Studabakers, Model T's, you name it was there). Well much to our amazement, everyone was gazing back at our E. It was incredible.
Anyone that owns an E knows the stare that you get from people admiring the car. Well we pulled into a parking spot to go walk through the lot of cars. Well much to our amazement people came over to our E and were asking me questions and wanted to look inside. The E stole the show! The clam shell doors were a nig hit.
It is funny though, most dealers on Long Island claim that there is a backorder on Elements across Long Island...however, as a traveling computer tech who travels across Long Island, NY City and New Jersey...
I'm lucky if I have seen 5 Elements (including mine) in the last month.
I have seen to many of the Mercedes M-Class suv's on the road...Geez they start @ 37K.
I guess the E is still an mystery to many. All I can say....I GOT MINE!!!
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