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[quote:2b983f083b="eKennedy"]Hey Slowhand,
I looked at an Ebay auction for the Magnetbra, and it said something about it being theft-proof.

I was thinking if it just stuck to the top of the hood, it'd be pretty easy to remove. Does their's wrap around or something, so that it cannot be removed without opening the hood?


Theft proof? I don't think so. But it would only work for another Element owner and we don't have any dishonest Element owners. :D Anyway's probably not a market for it since it can be had for like 34.95 on Ebay and the Element is for now a rare beast.

There's a u-shaped retainer that goes along the whole edge of the front of the hood to hold the Magnetbra on. It's rubber covered aluminum. A thief wouldn't be able to get that whole retainer piece off a closed hood without breaking it, but that wouldn't do the owner any good.

The fact that it looks real secure probably is the best thing going for it. I live right in the heart of the inner city and nobody has touched it, YMMV.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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