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Storing and Element

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My kiddo just got back from Ft Bliss, he was there for 3 weeks, his E remained in our driveway for 3 weeks.
He got in it to go to work and the engine light came on and he said it was running rough. By the time he came home he said the light went off and it ran better.
We figured maybe it was from it sitting for 3 weeks.

He will leave next for Iraq and be gone 10 months.

What should we do with his E?
He was going to cancel the insurance and I had originally planned on just starting it up once a week and moving back and forth in the driveway.
would that be enough?

Should I go ahead and put it on my Ins (uggh) and actually drive it once every week or two?:confused: Apparently his e loves to be driven and gets quite cranky when no one pays attention to it.

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yea Jojo just start it up and let it run for about 10 mins once a week. If you are going to drive it once and awhile I would put it under your insurance.
You will need to add stabilizer to the fuel.
Hi there;

I would start it a couple times a week.

Use a fuel stabilizer to keep gas from going bad. Several mechanics have told me, and personal experience has proven it, gas engines left idle for long periods (3 weeks +) end up with malfunctioning fuel systems. This is caused by the gas degrading in the tank, lines, and carb (or injectors) forming varnish. This varnish is a real pain to clean up. It’s a problem you don’t want, especially in a modern car that is not so easy/simple/cheap to repair as the older cars.

IMO, the only way to be certain that the fuel does not give you grief, is to run the vehicle out of gas, thus, eliminating fuel contamination. I do this with my lawn mower, tractor, and other equipment that will be left idle during winter months.


The only other thing I’d do is use a good car cover, and plug the vent tube for the heater/air conditioning to prevent creatures from building a nest in it.

Oh, one more thing. It is not uncommon for me to find mice nests in the engine compartment, and other spaces, after equipment has sat for a long time. So, I’ve taken to setting one mouse trap on top of each tire. I check them periodically and found…eerrr…victims in them. However, it is better I find them like that, than after they’ve built a nest in my air cleaner (the ride mower in question ran rough for days until I figured out what had happened!) You might consider setting a few traps.

Good luck to you and yours, and I thank your son for his service to our nation.
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The best thing is to use it occasionally.

If you're gonna park it....

Try and run most of the regular gas out before filling the tank with a fuel that does not contain ethanol, and add fuel stabilizer. This should be good for about 6-8months.

Change the oil and trans fluid.

Give it a good wash and wax...and cover it up.

Use a plug in ultrasonic pest repeller to keep the critters out. Steel wool in the tail pipe is a good idea too.

Don't set the parking/e-brake, use wheel chocks.

You don't have to start it up and run it, but if you sure to run it. Not a five min putt putt....let everything get good and hot and circulated. Run an auto trans slowly thru the gears.

You might want to consider parking it for the first 4-6months....then adding it to your insurance for the last few months. That'll minimize the time it is parked and the amount of money ya gotta spend. Factor "seasonal issues" and timing into this too.

Lemme know....I'll drive it and maintain it for him while he's E could use a break...I prolly wouldn't use it more than a 100 miles a day. :wink:
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sounds like you need the DIY remote start mod and you can just start it from inside the house, let it time out and not have to do anything else to it. ;-)
Very important to maintain the battery. Ferrari, Lamborghini and other exotic makes that are in storage for long spells sell the CTEK battery charger to maintain the batteries.

Helpful info from this post.
Send it my way, I PROMISE to take real good care of it
being where you live, I would store the car in a way that will keep it ready to drive if there is an emergency and you need to move it at a short notice. A small amount of fuel in the tank with stabilizer will be fine, just be sure you run the engine for a while after the stabilizer is added to be sure the lines have the mix too. A battery charger/float charger is pretty cheap and will keep the E ready to start. What was mentioned before about washing it and changing fluids is really great advice and a super gift to your son;-)

DO NOT RUN THE FUEL OUT OF IT!!! Not good for the fuel pump.
Jojo use K-100.

This from another Forum.

The K-100 sight. Pick the one you need.

Got it a car cover from Southcoast Accesories.

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