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Stupid unknown scratches and scuffs

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Just noticed these scuffs here:

and these scratches here:

Is there anything I can DIY or are these body shop only jobs?

Thanks for the help guys!

- Paul L.
Memphis, TN
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Those the only two locations?

Wonder if somebody came around the corner to close and rubbed up against your car?

If the are deep, they might be able to be 'wet sanded' out.

As Eww-an E has noted head over to and post your question/pictures over there, there are tons of people over there, like here, that will be more then willing to help you.

BTW your amateur radio license is about to expire LOL

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Thanks I just renewed today. Did you know that you can do it for free through the FCC's ULS? Was going to let the ARRL do it until I saw the $14 fee. :?
I'll have to check that out. I think I'm do for a renewal soon myself.

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