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Sub in an 05 Element...

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Hello EOC! I am new here! I just purchased an '05 Element last week. LOVE IT!!! :D:D:D

I'm starting to upgrade the audio. I just purchased a Pioneer AVH-P3100DVD head unit. I'm going to replace the factory speakers, but still deciding on what to get. However, I need some help with the sub/amp stuff.

I'm a touring and session drummer in Nashville, TN. There are certain times I have to carry some of my gear. So, I can't have anything permanently installed to the floor or anything. My wish is to do a slim sub underneath the drivers seat and possibly put the amp under the passenger seat. Has anyone done this? Does anyone know if the Pioneer slim line subs/enclosures will work? If not.... any other suggestions??? I'm NOT into crazy modifications to the vehicle just for a sub. I like to keep it simple. Thanks for your help! Glad to be on the forum.
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You can fit an amp under the seat if you choose the proper one. Finding a thin sub to go under there....ehhhh, doubtful. I would just consider getting the factory set-up and using an external amp and possibly upgrading the sub itself. Poke around with the search function...if it can be done, somebody here has likely done it.
Did you look at the JL Audio Stealthbox for the Element? Crutchfield has it for around $600. Pricey but it fits the bill for the E perfectly.
I bought EX sub enclosure off Ebay, was really cheap. Had to buy cover from Majestic Honda, but still total was very reasonable. I got both for under $100. I decided to replace stock woofer with an 8 inch. I made a front baffle out of plywood, just big enough for new woofer. I then cut out the front of the OEM enclosure and used Bondo to secure it. I used rasp to shape plywood to fit inside cover. Need to cut subwoofer frame on sides to fit. I cut out the vent ridge inside the enclosure, but did not plug the vent. On the 08 E, there's very little room under seat to mount amp. I had to cut out the vent to fit my PDX 5 ( the molding that goes on the rear of the seat also needs to be cut). If you can find a narrow amp, it may fit (measure from passenger door side seat mount to vent). There's really no good place for an amp, unless you make a custom enclosure.
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Alot of amps fit under the rear seats as well as the front

My most popular sellers are the Arc Audio Mini KS125.2 (250x1 @ 4) fits easily under the pass front

JL's 250/1 or Memphis MC250.1 fit very very easily under the rear seats as well.

Its all a matter of what u want to spend and how crazy u are looking for the bass level.
Did you look at the JL Audio Stealthbox for the Element? Crutchfield has it for around $600. Pricey but it fits the bill for the E perfectly.
only issue I have ever had with that on "tighter" bass tones it can make a CD skip ... but who uses cds anymore ;)

I had the stealth box in my dd element for about 6 months a demo for my shop, then moved to the Memphis PR in a standard enclosure in the rear.

Both performed EXCELLENT
i finally got my sub situation settled.

I ended up getting a Sony Xplod 10" Slim Line (XS-LB10S) and a Kenwood 600 watt amp (KAC-6104D).

I had the lines run to the amp under the back seat, drivers side. Since I have to pull my seats up to put gear in my Element, I got some industrial strength velcro for the amp. I cut two strips and put the amp under the seat. Then I ran the speaker wire and sub right behind the seat. I left myself enough speaker line to when I need to put the seats up and put gear in, I can move the amp and the sub directly behind the driver seat. That way, I'm not really sacrificing any space for my gear with the sub and amp. I'm really impressed with how it sounds as well. I love the little Kenwood amp, its small but very efficient. Next step... replacing all the door speakers and adding tweeters. :)
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