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[quote:db77c71cb5="bigguy74337"]I have Found a DVC 6.5 Sub That can replace the factory. It's at[/quote:db77c71cb5]

Good luck. If it's the Goldwood, it's not an easy fit, and it doesn't give you any improvement in the sound, at least as far as I could tell. I changed mine out a few weeks ago. I also found out that the "tone" control on the head unit doesn't operate like I thought it would. On the "BASS" setting (out of SUBWOOFER, BASS, & TREBLE), the subwoofer responds to the control, and the subwoofer doesn't respond much to operation on the SUBWOOFER setting.

The biggest shortcoming of the factory unit is the abysmally low power output. I don't know how they measured this thing at 270 watts, but it's not any real-world measurement.
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