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Suggestion: clean up forum topics?

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I know I'm new, but have you looked at the forum page?

60 something forum topics with such stellar entries as "e" of the month, last updated 2005, and meet info for multiple years long ago. A lot of room for clean up!
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Yes/No. While the E of the Month has long since stopped being done people still enjoy looking at those Elements. The National Meets forums are the same thing. People enjoy looking back at the pics and reliving what we did at the events. The National Meets forums were moved to the bottom of the site quite a while ago and are brought to the top when the National Meets are back in swing each year.

Why shouldn't people be able to read what the club has done over the years? Consider it a type of archive, but live and able to be searched fairly easily. :)

The E of the Month has been discussed being brought back every once in a while, but just need someone willing to take the time to run things. I did it for almost 2 yrs, but it wasn't an easy task to undertake.


I for one often go back and look at the old threads. I find that there is some useful information about mods. I often can't remember what E had the mods that I was looking for. If I can look at it, or see what member did the post I have a starting point. I works for me.

That is to say nothing of people coming to the sight. They can have a look at what this club has done in the past. They now see that it is more active than some of the other car sights. It gives them the opportunity to see what the other members look like, what the car's look like, and the locations that were chosen for the meets.

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