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B Pillar Rattle Fix
One rattle is the Seat Belt Height Adjuster. The "carrier" slides in a track and is a bit loose, allowing side-to-side movement. The fix: 1. pry off the height adjuster cover 2. Remove the 13mm seat belt bolt 3. remove the two 10mm adjuster track bolts 4. remove the upper bolt & slide off the carrier (a detent ball will fall out, so grap it) 5. Remove the two thin felt strips that Honda has applied and replace with meduium thickness (about 1/8") sticky back felt. This closes the gap and prevents the carrier from rattling.

The second problem is at the upper B-pillar laych assembly. If you pry off the ceiling cover (above the B pillar), you will find that the door shifts anout 1/8" on hard bumps. Honda has placed some plastic guides and rubber "bump stops" in the latch assembly but excessive movement will strike metal to metal. There is room for a narrow strip of the same 1/8" adhesive felt to cushion the latch movement. It has really quieted the clunking although not completely eliminated on really big bumps? Perhaps a dealer latch adjustment would help but my dealer said the nosie was the seat belt and he was not able to deal with it?

I personally have not looked at this yet but I will.
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