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My '05 had a badly worn right front tire (@ 107k miles), and my local tire guy recommended at least replacing the tires in pairs. Since the other three look like that have maybe 10,000 miles left on them, I just replaced the front two tires.

I had originally replaced the stock tires (whatever they were) with Hankooks, when those wore out I replaced those with Khoumos. I found they were all comparable in terms of handling and noise.

This time my tire guy said he was having trouble getting some brands, and recommended Summits, which he said were better. So that's what I have on the front now.

Both Karen and I notice that the road noise with these guys on the front is noticeably less - and that's important because the road noise of the E is one of the few drawbacks I've found. Handling is fine on the twisties on N GA/E TN, but we hardly press them to 10/10.

So, if you're looking for quieter tires, maybe consider Summits!
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