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Thought I would share this... and I wish I took before and after pics, but I have a Black 2008 Element and it was looking pretty faded.. I washed it often, but never really waxed or detailed it as I use it for a bunch of different sports.

With my factory running boards losing their grey coating, I took them off and repainted them, then realized how rough my paint was looking. Lots of scratches from the dogs, equipment, weather, other people, ect...

I found this video and got motivated to do a 1 day blitz on my car to clean up as many scratches as I could, and man, It looks like a totally different Element.

All the clear coat scratches are gone. I used a paint pen to fix up any deep scratches that went to the base coat or primer. Cleaned, sealed, waxed, buffed.. Amazing..

Only thing I have left to do is some trim restorer on the black pieces which are faded from black to almost Grey... Just have to wait for a day off without rain.
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