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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!

I did take a quick peek when I checked it out while in the process of buying and had a more thorough look underneath when I changed the oil a week ago. I’m pleased that the rust situation are just very minor surface ones, which I will take care of in the spring when it gets warmer. It has 261,000 kms or 162,000 miles.

As with my other vehicles, I keep track of my fuel consumption. So far it’s comparable to what others are getting and I’m not that far off from EPA rating that I found on the interwebs. Especially since where I’m located is 3,500 feet above sea level, at this altitude I never really get anywhere close to the EPA rating.

Here’s my My Fuel consumption log so far. Compared to my previous winter vehicle… an ’05 Toyota RAV4 AWD

Thanks again for the warm welcome!

- Ian
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