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here is a compilation of suspension related threads that i gathered now that we have "suspension" added to the tire and wheel section. (Thanks again Tmac!):cool:

if anyone knows of any threads i've missed (i'm sure i have) please feel free to reply to this thread with links to the threads. thanks in advance.

part numbers:

info pulled from company sites.....

H&R sport springs (03-06) #51811

tein basic coilovers (03-08) #DSA76-LUSS2
tein s-tech springs (03-06) #SKA76-AUB00

ground control coilovers (all) #4555.01
eibach pro kit springs (03-06) #4063.540
eibach camber kit rear #5.67430 & #5.69400

skunk2 springs (03-04) # 519-05-1690
skunk2 lower control arms # 542-05-0225

kyb rear shocks (03-06)# 344611

megan racing springs (03-06) #MR-LS-HE03

spc camber kit Front #81280 Rear #67430 & #69400

extreme camber kit front #41-216-4 rear #46-2185-2

ingalls camber kit front # 81280 & 35440
ingalls camber kit rear # 38955 & 389765

suspension techniques swaybar front #50183
suspension techniques swaybar rear #51183
suspension techniques front&rear kit #52183

Ride quality improvement

Tokico shocks and struts!


thinking about lowering your E? check in here....

Write up - Suspension Lift

Powdercoated: ST "Suspensions Techniques" Sway Bars, Honda OEM Strut Bar

Replacing rear struts

Tein vs. Eibach vs. GroundControl

Tein Coilovers + Rear Camber kit???

skunk2 lower control arms?


What options are there for replacement shocks? (rear shocks 2006 EX AWD)

Lowering and camber kits

Rear Wheels Need Camber Adjustment, Who Else has this issue?

KSport Coilovers...gauging interest.

Suspension Bounce

Lowered SCs

Ground Clearance

SC shocks?

IMPORTANT HELP Scam or Serious on 08/ recall

08' sc lowering

ST "Suspensions Techniques" Sway Bars Group Buy

Lowering Concern!!

Suspension Techniques Sway bar install. (thats right, you heard me)

Goodbye torque-steer....

Suspension clunk or knocking noise. HELP, PLEASE

Stock shocks are too soft.

Better suspension for the Element?

Nightmare : Part 2 Lowering my Box...

Need help :(, anyone have time?

How to resolve rubbing issues...Do's & Don'ts

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this is quite the motherload EMELENT haha i am also interested in cutting and rolling the fenders... any info on that??? i know dance has done itt very nice Element by the way bro... ive seen lots of pics but never got to comment on it ME LIKEY:cool:
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