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suspension techniques

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I want to know if anyone has used either "sprint performance" lowering springs which give a 2" drop or "suspension techniques" springs which give a 1.6" drop. They are for my stock 2005 lx. Are any other mods required to fit either set of springs? Does the car need to be realigned after installasion? How much trouble to install? I have access to either kit for $130.00. Thanks, Don.
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depending on where your vehicle's been driven, you may need to replace the anti-sway bar links. either due to wear or due to your having to cut them in order to remove the struts for spring replacement. you may also need to get camber adjusters for the rear, to take out some of the negative camber in the rear, after the drop. and definitely plan on getting a re-alignment.
i haven't used either of the products you mentioned, just speaking in general.
yes, you hopefully don't need to replace the anti-sway bar links, but if the vehicle has seen 5 winters of salt covered roads and who knows what else, it may be impossible to separate the existing bar from the struts w/o cutting the links. strut replacement and anti-sway bar replacement are easier w/ the links disconnected/removed.
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