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suspension techniques

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I want to know if anyone has used either "sprint performance" lowering springs which give a 2" drop or "suspension techniques" springs which give a 1.6" drop. They are for my stock 2005 lx. Are any other mods required to fit either set of springs? Does the car need to be realigned after installasion? How much trouble to install? I have access to either kit for $130.00. Thanks, Don.
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Sprint Springs

I had the Sprint springs on for 4 years as well and they are actually good springs, the fronts are perfect, the rears are a bit too soft, I have to admit unless you can install rear adjustable shocks to stiffen/tighten the rear, then they would be perfect and well worth getting on a low budget. The strut/shocks on the market for the Element are too soft if they are not adjustable. The Monroe performance shocks are only good on stock springs, they are stiffer than stock but they are not stiff enough for the sprint springs, trust me I had them...

Sprints have a nice 2" drop in the front and rear. These springs are the cheapest way for you to get your car lowered.
You will need to buy a camber kit, no matter what type of springs or coilovers you buy on the market, or else you will have uneven wear on the tires.

If you have the money to spend you can buy the Ksport coilovers which ride great and are fully adjustable, but that will run you about $1000 and yes you still need rear camber kits.

Nacranym: You don't need to change the anti-sway bar links, regardless of lowering springs or not, if you own an Element and start hearing the loud thumping sound in the rear passenger side of the car it may be your anti-sway bar bushings and not the links.
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