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The Honda Element Owners manual, 2007, page 144, mentions a possible Honda suspension kit. I've just covered over 20,000 miles since May and bottoming out getting off ferrys, gravel roads and a like is not a fun event.

I am looking at the manual and i hate to have to tell you that you have read it wrong.

Lowering the vehicle with a
non- Honda suspension kit that
significantly reduces ground
clearance can allow the
undercarriage to hit speed bumps
or other raised objects, which
could cause the airbags to deploy.
Raising your vehicle with a
non-Honda suspension kit can
affect the handling and stability.
Here are some examples:
Non-Honda wheels, because they
are a universal design, can cause
excessive stress on suspension
Removing parts from your vehicle,
or replacing components with some
non-Honda components could
seriously affect your vehicle’s
handling, stability, and reliability.
The manual is reffering to using a non-Honda aftermarket kit.Most aftermarket kits are for lowering. With a little searching on the forum you will find a few members that have been able to do a lift kit.
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