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swapping panels

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I have read about doing the SC front end swap, but im not interested in that..
My question is has anyone swapped the plastic/painted panels for different ones? I have also seen people put the darker panels on an older E. I guess my question is: I have a 2005 SSM with the blue plastic panels. I wanted to put Atomic Blue Metallic panels on mine. Has anyone done this? It might look good bc my E already has the blue plastic panels..just metallic ones might look better..
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should swap right over
should swap right over
I'm at Honda getting my oil changed I asked they said the only diffrence is the color it's the same thing
The panel swap is not a problem. The one thing to consider is that the panels don't come painted from Honda.You would have to get them painted. You may want to look into getting your existing panels painted.
has anyone traded panels? does anyone want to trade? thats in northern VA?
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