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Target Age Group?

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Hi there,

Don't own an Element yet, but I will soon. My aging Nissan pickup is starting to fail piece by piece.

I was just curious what the average age is for element owners.
Honda says they are trying to target the "male unemployed early 20's" group?
I don't understand their logic there.

Anyway, I'm 26, and a friend of mine who owns one is 42.
In my eyes this car has features that appeal to a much broader crowd.
I personally want it because of all the dog friendly apsects, lots of inside cargo capacity, seat configurations, rubber covered floors, waterproof seats, and not really related to dogs, a very reliable engine.

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It looks like Honda is hoping to target the youth market. But what I've seen so far is that a diverse group of people are buying the Element. I'm bought an Element and I'm 43, (act and Look 29 8) ) and have a Dog. I'm sure shes gonna love it. A friend of mine is 36 and loves the car. Another friend is 30 and thinks it's so kool. Maybe the 18 year olds will buy our used Elements when we decide to upgrade to another, newer Element. :D .....Butch
Yeah from what I seeing, it us the 30-somethings who are homing in on this vehicle. I also am seeing the (baby) boomers hitting on it too.
So much for the target demographic huh?

Yeah Honda was a little upset that they have such an old crowd, and mostly women who are their clientele, so they hoped to shake that, well that just seemed to have not worked.

Though you being 26 are the youngest I have heard of interested, aside from my friend's 13 year old son! grin.
I bought mine in Dec. and I'm 52. This is the vehicle i've been waiting for. I like it and I am sastified with it. My other vehicles are a 92 Ford F150 and a 87 Alfa Spider.
Hey: Bob Cleaver

Cool you have a neat variety there huh?

Congrats on your new Element too, dx or ex, 2 or 4wd and what color.. plus what are you doing/adding to yours??
I guess I'm the oldest. I'm 60 and I fell in love with the Element.
Hopefully mine should arrive in the next couple days.

Uses for me: carrying fishing gear, grandson's toys and stroller,
purchases for yard, great transportation for friends on shopping
expeditions, trips to rug-hooking camps and gatherings, hauling
cats to vet or the lake.

It doesn't look like I'm going to be sitting home much does it! :wink:
Naw I think we have a few who beat you, perhaps we should have a (age) role call.. smiles.. humm i think i may put up a post, keep and eye open for it!

I love your uses, that is soo cool. I know what you mean about not getting to rest much.. it is like there is an inner calling with this vehicle to getout and play!

Which one are you going with, details details!

I'm 53, my wife is 45. We originally ordered a Silver EX but, it was delayed/diverted. We took a look at a DX in Shoreline Mist and loved it's "chameleon like" ability to reflect the color(s) of the setting.

Picked up our ELEMENT EX - 2WD - Shoreline Mist Metallic last Friday. Traded in a 92' Camry with 123,000 miles - great car.
To add to the mix, I am two months short of being 39, and gay. Not the target demographics Honda went for, but so what. I am moving from a Chevy S-10 LS extended-cab pickup with 4.3 litre Vortec to the Element.

The Element will be perfect for carrying my boyfriend and I and some of out friends or for doing the lunch run at work. For the occassions when I have to carry the lcd projector and the carton of phamplets and giveaways for seminars we do at work , it will be ideal. As well as the occasional trips to Ikea and other places where I get large-sized items, and the yearly trip to the dump. This finally will allow me to get a mountain bike to cart around without having it bang all about the vehicle.

Most of all, I think the Element is the best example of form in balance with function on the road today. A nicely thought-out vehicle. This is what I wanted in a pickup and could not find for the last 13 years. I love the suicide doors!!!

It doesn't hurt that the E has been rated at 8.1 seconds for 0-60 mph for the manual tranny. I love to burnout from stoplights. ;-)

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I am 51 and my husband is 55. We looked for nearly 2 years for a new car, our Aerostar van was aging rapidly. We even went to the auto show in Seattle in 2001 to see what would meet our needs. Our needs are not complicated but we wanted something that we could camp in, haul some gear in and most importantly :arrow: do some hiking with 2 big and often dirty dogs. :D . Our kids are grown, we thought about a VW Van but the Eurostar is ugly and the new Microbus is still 2 years away.
Iskie: you are a hoot, you are gonna be a blast to hear from I can tell! I wish you all the wonders you dream in your new Element!

jnes: enjoy this amazing vehicle too, I know I am! Awesome!
Might as well get my 2 cents in. I'm 4 days from being 42 and this only car i have ever owned that I have truly been excited about. Makes me and my wife happy when we drive it because of all the smiles we get. :D
I know what you mean Ion.. this is the most excited i have ever been with a vehicle,.. i have been researching & hunting non stop for over a year for the perfect car (and on a regular basis my whole life) this was IT, this was THEE car!

I think chiseling the smile off my face would be impossible.. yup impossible.. LOVE IT~!
I ordered my Shorline Mist EX 3 long weeks ago and have to wait another 3 before it's in... in Oklahoma they have to deliver by pony express. I am 40 and I sure hope the engineers are better that their marketers
yikes 6 weeks, shoot they could build it in your driveway quicker.. that is insane.. what did you folks do to tick off the automotive industry.. sounds like they want you back with horse & wagon.. 6 week wait, that is just so wrong!

keep us posted, and I hope it does not take that long, that is insane!
I ordered mine the first week of January. Its been pushed back twice. I'm supposed to get it Feb 17. About 6 weeks
I'm 55 and so is my wife. We were looking to trade off our vehicles and get back into Honda's for Reliability, Mileage, and possibly resale value. We hope to keep them into retirement. Anyway my wife liked the CRV so I got that one for her and while at the dealer I asked what that boxy looking vehicle on the lot was. He said an Element made for the younger generation. I took it for a drive and loved it and liked all the things that it could be used for and came back about a week later and bought it. Now my wife wants to borrow it more and wants me to drive her CRV which I also like alot. :D
that is shameful the saleman had to say "Element made for the younger generation" I am glad you bought it, and i think it appeals perfectly to a person over 30 perfectly.. and heck people don't die at 50 since gee which dark age was that.. sheesh i would love to have smacked that rude guy! umph! :x
Age is irrelevant.

Tina Turner is older now. She is cool. She will always be cool. Her age has nothing to do with it.

Never let your age and your fear of others' perceptions sway your decision making.

It's real simple: If you like it, buy it. If you don't, dont.

cook thoughts Derek.. great attitude!

Yep age is a state of mind, and we all have confirmed (mostly I am sure if not all) that we "Wanna be a ToysRUs Kid!"
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