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Tein Basic Coils Group Buy

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I have been receiving a lot of PM's about the custom E we did for our Customer. I contacted the Mod for the section and I want to gauge some interest on a bulk buy for The Tein Coils.

Retail for the Basics is $1170

If we can get 10 buyers I can bring this price down to at least $950 plus shipping and if paying via paypal you need to cover the fee, I cant lose money just for being a middle man ;) (i say at least since I am still working out the specs/terms with Tein.

Just want to offer this to everyone, Tein is a great company and they helped me a lot getting the Turbo E's suspension dialed in Perfectly.

Yes Ksports are cheaper. But I do not have enough time to argue whats better etc etc. Just wanted to extend this offer to the site that has Welcomed me with open arms.

Thanks again

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