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Thanks to All

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Many thanks to all for your info, tips, suggestions & pictures. As a new element owner & new to this board your help has been invaluable. You guys are the best.

I've had my Black EX 4WD E for 3 weeks now. So far I've installed carpeting, door wind deflectors & bug deflector. The non skid shelf liner has worked great in all the trays. Just put in the Lloyd Rubbertite Mat bed liner to protect the back floor. Looks like standard equipment. Surprisingly I've had the Steelhorse armrest storage unit in my van & it fits perfectly.

To add some color I covered the back seats with a blanket that used to cover the bench seat in my van. It's blue, black, white & light grey wide stripes. To lift the seats without removing the blanket I cut it down the middle. Poked holes for the head rests & a slit for the seat belt.

Want to do more but for know I'm taking my first road trip this Saturday to NH. Can't wait. Please keep those great ideas coming.

Thanks Again Gail
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