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I have been looking at Element's since right before they hit the streets.I test drove and bought mine today.I never had a need to post before as I used the search function here to get all of my answers.But now that I got my 4 wheel drive Ex Element for $19,110.00 with lots of extras thrown in(back cargo cover,mudflaps,locking tires,1 years free oil changes)for free,I had to say thank you.It really helped knowing what others final costs were in the negotiating process.In fact,I feel I may have known more about the vechicle than a few salespeople there. :wink: So after several months of searching the web, this was by far the most informative site.So thank you all.Even though you don't know me.Cheers!
I'll probably post a pic this week. :D
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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