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The Black Box is Gone!

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Fellow Mid-SOers,

The time has come to say good-bye to my Element SC and the EOC. This year has been especially harsh in Asheville, NC for snowy weather. Every time it snowed, the Element sat parked for 3-5 days until the roads cleared. The last snow on Friday 2/12 caused me to spend 3 hours in our neighborhood TGI Friday's until a family member with four wheel drive could rescue me. Nevertheless, the Element sat again for 2 days in the parking lot until roads cleared. I bought the Element to drive for 200k+ miles, but after being stranded at home and in a parking lot, it was time to consider other sensible vehicle options. So, after 3.5 years of trouble-free ownership I have traded the Black Box for a larger, family-friendly Lexus RX330 AWD. I would recommend both the Element and this forum to those wanting to get the most out of their Element ownership.

I also wanted to single out Benny and Ronnie for their friendship and planning for meets and events all these years. You guys are two crazy individuals. If you ever get to Asheville again for a meet and you don't mind me driving up in a Subaru or Lexus, we'll grab some dinner.

I will keep this account active to see what is going on in the club from time to time.


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I'll miss seeing that black box of yours. But honestly if Ron can show up at a meet-n-eat driving a mini, well heck... You're welcome to attend - doesn't matter what you're driving. It's all about the friendship and company. :)

Let's get something going in the Asheville area soon (well, after it warms up a tad).
Hate to see ya go, but you felt first hand that the SC is not for snow
Seems to me that maybe a non-SC Element with RealTime 4WD would have been a better choice? In snowy conditions, I am the one rescuing people! I have found my E to have much better snow performance than quite a few other "tougher" SUV's.
Sorry to see an EOCer go! Hopefully you will still be around in your new fancy suv:)

I didn't realize the SC's were that bad in the snow. My EX 4wd is like a tank in the snow. I thought about an SC because they do look sweet. Glad I didn't.

Good luck with your new ride.
....I didn't realize the SC's were that bad in the snow....
That surprised me, too. FWD and high ground clearance should be a good combo.

I also noted that the Elements now all have "Drive by Wire" throttles. :twisted: I just love those two words in my mx manual -- "throttle cable"! Toyota's having lots of fun with their electronic throttles right now, and they should all talk to Airbus. Airbus had horrible problems with their fly by wire systems and flight control computers years ago. They had pilots refusing to fly their planes, and had to spend literally tens of millions to put a fix in.
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