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I have lost the AM band. It is there, but very quietly as if I have lost the antenna. I tried a new antenna on the back and this did not help.

I think this problem started after I plugged something into the dash 12 volt receptacle. I am not sure though. The 12 volt recep still works.

I know that the head unit could be broken, but before I try to find a $159 Alpine I would like to know what is broken for sure. It seems the antenna wire could be fractured but I have no idea how to trace something like this.

The other weird thing is that the AM will work for one or two minutes before dying. It is like it warms up and then dies.

Perhaps someone here can give me a hint or two to diagnose this.

I do not have a decent stereo shop here. I fear they would shred my dash getting the head unit out. I am sure you know the types. Ha ha!!

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