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The E Unveiled

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Our 2006 Honda Element EXP AWD. Goal was to keep it OEM looking.


AFTER 6 Months

Exterior Mods:
OEM Honda Foglights
Hood Bug Shield
Window Vent Shiels
Flat Black Vinyl top portion
OEM Honda Mudgaurds
OEM Honda Roof Rack
OEM Honda SIde Rocker Panels painted flat black
Retrofited Projector Headlights, painted flat black JDM style, cleared turn signals with orange chromed bulbs, 6000K HID
I-VTEC stickers
OEM Honda Rear Spolier painted flat black
Clear side markers with hyper white bulbs

TSX 9 spoke wheels with H caps
15mm front hubcentric spacers
20mm rear hubcentric spacers

Interior Mods
All In One Innovatek 675 - GPS, DVD, TV, Radio, Bluetooth, Ipod, Aux......
Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror with Tempurature & Compass Indicator
OEM Honda All Weather Mats
OEM Honda Rear Cargo Mat

Coming Soon
Roofmount Monitor linked to all in one
Supercharger :eek:mg:

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nice pics!! How do you like your auto dimming rear view mirror? Hard to install?
I love it. But it was a PITA to install.
LOL....I guess you have to get the electrical wires from the interior dome light, etc....well, probably would be a nice mod sometime down the road....

thanks for the info
Nice clean lines with the black spoiler,upper and lower panels. Looks good. :cool:
the black vinyl top looks good as a paint alternative. love the TSX rims as well... good job keeping it simple and OEM looking... :D

gotta meet up sometime.... to take a look at your E :)
looks amazing!

just curious what size tire you are running on those TSX wheels.
Looks great bud, I really like how it turned out, small changes make big results, can't wait to see more.
Oh, what god is gonna help you find a supercharger, lol.
Looks great. gave me a few ideas for my E.
looks amazing!

just curious what size tire you are running on those TSX wheels.
Actually it's really easy to find tires at discount prices when you go with 17's cause it's the exact same size Chrysler 300's wear. And you can find lots of Goodyear Integrity wheich where takoffs from upgrades for dirt cheap.

215/65R17 Perfect size.
Nice pictures, thanks for sharing, I do like the two-tone look
did you do the vinyl top yourself? was it had? What was the cost? I've been wanting to do this to my Tango Red E


That 2-tone looks absolutely Double-Tough,.. Very nice looking mods. thx for sharing. :twisted:
It's been a month since I visited.

This E has been sold and stripped of it's mods and in it's place now sits a Odyssey EX-L Nav/Res.

BTW a shop did the two tone vinyl. I did everything else.
were you at KC the other week?
were you at KC the other week?
Prelude is being put together as we speak and the Element is gone. So unless you spotted an Odyssey like ours then no. It wasn't me.
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