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Since we are all "fired-up" about our new Element, I wanted to do the right thing and apply a proper coat of wax. After reading articles on detailing, I decided that a good, hard, paste wax was my preference. On previous vehicles, I have used KIT, or Turtlewax paste and was satisfied with the results. This time I decided on a Meguiar's product called "High-Tech Yellow Wax" from their Professional Line .

My impression upon starting the application, was that this wax was significantly harder than the other waxes I have used. It seemed to be easier to apply (and remove) since there was less tendency to apply it to thickly. I used a 15" flexible paint shield to keep the wax off the plastic panels.

I am very pleased with the results. After touching the hood, my daughter remarked that it felt like glass. It defintely beads-up the rainwater.
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