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the grass is always greener..

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Traded my E last night. Got a new wrx hatch. I'll be painstakingly driving under 3000rpm for 800 more miles, then the fun begins.

It's been fun having one of the few turbo E's, but for me it was time to move on. I'll miss it but now I have a new toy. I'll be around for a while still, I think I have some stuff to sell.
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this thread is pointless without pics. Congrats though, I really like the new wrx.

so far the only mods are SPT 3" muffler....
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this makes me sad =( but i am glad you got something that might work better for you.
there are too many inherrant problems with doubling or tripling the HP of an Element. Broken motor mounts, Horrible torque steer, the list goes on and on. It was fun while it lasted but it was starting to become a PITA
by torque steer you mean the tendancy to pull right as you accelerate (possibly excessively)? yea... it freaked me out a lil when i hopped in my buddies prelude and stomped on it.
Pull excessively to the right is an understatement when you've got a gt3076r at 14psi! In 2nd gear you have to fight like hell to keep it on the road.
i can only imagine... id imagine you have a pretty buff left arm (supposing you have to shift with the right) :lol:

OT: my avatar is now freaking me out with those bug eyes... gonna hafta change that.
So very true... The LSD in mine just makes me swerve as they fight for traction... Looks great casey! You ready for one of the many bolt on turbos for that buggar?
haha, no this thing is staying mostly stock. turboback exhaust and reflash and a couple other little things. It's already pretty fast so I'm not going to go overboard with it.
I dont think a bigger turbo is overboard

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BAH!!!! But the bolt on turbos that you can get and run all factory stuff... All in due time... Everyone says they will leave everything stock... Only time will tell.
Well if I'm out of warranty and the stock turbo goes bad, it wouldn't make sense to buy another stock one. At that point it would be cheaper to go aftermarket. And that's how I'll explain it to my wife;)
Looks good and nice color. I personally like the hatchback. I just saw on Autoweek that they're releasing a Sedan version of the STI again because of the negative feedback of the hatch only option. It has the giant rediculous wing again.
Sorry to see you go Rollertoaster. You had the baddest turbo Element out there for a while. But if you had to leave, the WRX is a sweet choice - once a turbo, always a turbo. I've contemplated that one myself. Its fast enough stock that you should be satisfied - for a while.
I feel you here. I miss the Evo 9. If you don't need the space that the Element has to offer, then you made the right choice. The WRX and EVO are just amazing tuning cars.
yeah after u own a couple front wheel turbo charged cars its only right to replace it with a boosted awd car..nice choice too,i always have love for these cars
well it has begun. 450 mile of breakin left and I've already ordered:

4300k Hid kit
Perrin shifter bushing kit
Tactrix reflash cable
Roof rack
Sti swaybars (i'm not terribly happy with the amount of understeer it currently has)

I've got my eyes on a few more goodies that'll be on order soon.....
3" midpipe
3" DP
dsm flange for my synapse BOV
Perrin drop in filter
3 port boost solenoid
Heavier shifter knob
Perrin or Whiteline swaybar endlinks
Innovate wideband

Apparently a 3" turboback and an intake with a good tune will put me at about 290whp 310tq!!! Not bad for $1000!
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That sounds about right. Warranty my . . . . . :grin:
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