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Just a caution--California has strict regulations about registering cars bought out of state so be careful.

I wanted a EX manual 2WD in green--at the time I was looking only 3 were scheduled to come to CA over a 2 month period and I was lucky to get a deal on one of those. Same problem--they ship mostly automatics to CA--apparently around here people are worried about driving over hills and avoid manuals like the plague.

The dealers that say that can't request the model you want from the build schedule are not accurate though--they can. They have visibilty to the build schedule and--IF Honda is building EX 4WD manual side-airbag models during a given week--the dealer can request one specifically as part of their allotment. A dealer here made that explicitly clear to me--he said that many dealers wont admit to that because they want to sell the inventory that is on the lot now.
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