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The Nerve of some people...

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So, i went to eat at the wonderful IHOP, and I had to go back to my E to get something. As I am walking out the door and heading towards my E, I notice a couple looking over my vehicle. They read out loud the name "Element" and the wife says,

"Oh, it's a Hyundai"

I stopped, shocked, and looked them both straight in the eyes "HONDA, It's a Honda"

They then proceeded to tell me how they had never seen one before while I am obviously talking on my cell phone.

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She could have been someone like my mom who knows but calls something by the wrong name. Next time, just smile and if they want to comment and/or ask questions, and be nice...

We don't want people calling Element Owners snobs now do we??
I don't know. Sounds like you went out of your way to be offended. So what if they thought a car they didn't recognize was a Hyundai? They didn't demean or insult your car; it's nothing like the comments other's have gotten about their E's. Hope you were polite when you let them know it's a Honda.
well, yes i was polite, like i said, i was shocked...

Hyundai and Honda H's are completely different. I would NEVER buy a Hyundai (no offense to those who own them) and if my E is somewhat of an advertisement for Honda, then people should be well-informed of what they are looking at...that way then can tell their friends all about the cool new HONDA vehicle out on the roads.

only one negative comment so far (not including the Hyundai, that was a point of clarification) and MANY positives

I live in New Jersey and I get the weirdest looks from people driving this thing and I think its great. I've been told it looks like a "Little Tikes Hearse, I have to say that I get equal neg/pos responses.
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