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2004 EX AWD
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I realize these posts have limited chances at success, given it is hard to describe exact noises and where they come from. But I could use some input. Here is what I have and what I have done to diagnose it:

The noise is best described as a howl.
It is absolutely related to speed (wheel/diff/driveshaft)
It seems to be coming from the drivers side front. Seems to be.
I just replaced the DS front wheel bearing - no difference.
All tires are balanced.
Tires are Pep Boys specials, but almost new. Rears are slightly more worn than the fronts, but very minor difference.
I had the vehicle on a lift, in gear, and used a stethoscope. All wheel bearings seemed fine. Transfer unit and rear diff had some noise, but very slight. Center support bearing was fine. I am pretty comfortable they are ok, but the vehicle wasn't under load.
At low speed, there was a slight occasional wobble in he rear diff but it got better with speed.
The noise doesn't change with lateral load (turns).
The noise does lessen significantly when the suspension is unloaded.

My buddy in the car while on the lift said he felt some vibration and it seemed to be coming from the DS front.
The DS front CV axle looks like it might have a slight bend.

At this point I have two theories:
- CV axle, but there isn't much vibration as much as it is noise.
- Worn shocks/isolator allowing road/tire noise to resonate. I will be replacing all struts regardless since they seem shot and I figure it isn't a waste of money.
- Tires. I rotated the tires, criss-cross, and it didn't seem to effect the noise. As much as I hate cheap tires, these were on it and are almost new. I do have a set of 215/60/16 Michelins I could throw on just to check, but that seems like a lot of work and I wouldn't leave those tires on.

Any input would be appreciated.
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