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This should be an Element commercial!

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I love this Kia Sorrento commercial!
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That's what I'm talkin' about!
Zombies have so much fun already, not to mention the best eats!:twisted:

Would Honda dare do an Element commercial with Zombies?!?

But would they dare to combine zombies and bacon? And toys? In the same commercial? And would they dare make a claim about how many zombies can fit in an E?
it don't look good...

Yeah, cmpbx, that is true. Thanks for the interesting info about the company they use for their ads.

Now, I liked the fun style of the video on the Honda Element site-except for the words of the song-'so I won't fade away'? And the singer's voice was lame. Is that the same thing they have on facebook?(Too lazy to try making a facebook account again) If so, they haven't done anything new for a year. And it never played half as well as the Kia ad.

That Kia ad is odd. I guess they know what they are doing. They are appealing to the desire of young kids to be teens and have adult adventures, I guess. I don't watch enough kid movies to know...Maybe I am a pre-teen in an adult's body, since it all appeals to me. I like the shoutout to Oceans 11!

Sigh. Maybe this should be on another thread, but I fear the end is near for the E anyway. Did you see the US military says oil could be in short supply by 2015? Of course many experts disagree about this. No-one knows for sure. I bought this car figuring it was my last gas-powered car. I'm waiting for the electric cars to be perfected, aiming to keep the Boxie-woxie for up to 10 years. It will be sad if gas engines pass out of my reach before I even drive a Miata.
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1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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