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csousa: THREEEEEEE years i let wax bake on the plastic of my Civic. We bought our E, and I don't know how but I saw that the dealer wax had gotten on my new E's plastic and somehow, I didn't notice for over a week.

So that pissed me off, and I search for a solution.

Peanut Butter. I'm not kidding. Read it on some web forum for Ford Explorer's or some crap, I tried it with like some Jiffy Low Fat crap peanut butter. It not only came off the E, but even took it off the 3 year old stained plastic on my civic.

It's probably the peanut oil, so you might just be able to apply peanut oil, but for like .20 cents in peanut butter, and 3 years, it's gone.
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